Strategy development and opportunity identification

Most of Agralytica’s projects involve an assessment of market character and trends and the identification of opportunities to serve as a basis for strategy development.

Depending on the client’s specific requirements, we play various roles to help them review or develop strategies.  In most assignments, we work closely with the client to advance the development of a strategy, adding research information to form a platform for discussion and to contribute to the strategy development process.  Other assignments give us the role of independently exploring issues and options for developing a client’s understanding of the market and future steps.

Our more than 100 projects in this area include

  • An assessment of the longer-term opportunities and potential for satisfactory returns on investment in the Canadian grains and oilseeds sector for a major private company

  • A review of the global opportunities for developing US sales of seed potatoes and the identification of those seed markets that justify US Potato Board investment in market development activities.

  • Syndicated strategic research: “Swimming with sharks: how mid-sized food and beverage companies can survive and prosper in an era of consolidation and rapid change”

  • Quantifying developments in global tropical fruit markets that can be serviced from Central America and the identification of potential regional opportunities and strategies

  • An assessment of the potential for the development of corn-based bio-products in Korea, Taiwan and Japan and the development of a strategic roadmap to capture opportunities based on US corn