Risk management and crop insurance

Our risk management experience is broad and deep.  Agralytica has been actively involved in the review of the viability of risk management methods.  We have completed major studies of crop insurance on behalf of USDA’s Risk Management Agency including developing new risk management and insurance products and evaluating existing ones.

Project examples include

  • A review of the current status of the United States freshwater and saltwater aquaculture sectors and the availability and potential of various risk management tools including crop insurance

  • An economic and actuarial analysis of the RMA crop insurance programs for some 20 perennial crops and an assessment of the implications of alternate bearing and yield decline on the efficient functioning of the program 

  • A review of the issues to be addressed in introducing a crop insurance program for sesame seed and the development of pilot provisions, actuarial tables, underwriting guide, and loss adjustment handbook for the USDA’s Risk Management Agency

  • An economic assessment of the causes of low participation and potential product design problems for plans of insurance for corn, cotton, grain sorghum, rice, soybeans and wheat in selected southern US states 

  • Several evaluation reviews of risk management pilot plans for fresh market green beans, dried-on-vine raisins, forage seed, cultivated clams, red and green chili peppers, silage sorghum, and avocados

  • The potential for the use and expansion of US anchored risk management tools by grain and oilseed sector participants based in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, and Mexico for a major commodity exchange.