Market and trade research and assessment

Markets are diverse and constantly changing.  Carefully designed research provides understanding of market trends and the nature of purchasing behavior.  It is an essential building block for market assessment and strategy development.

The breadth and depth of our past experience allow us to apply innovative, effective research methods to fully identify and analyze the factors influencing purchasing decisions.

We undertake trade research using experienced interviewers accustomed to developing a dialogue with those in senior positions in both commercial and not-for-profit organizations. For consumer work (both quantitative and qualitative), we partner with specialist market research associates.

Project examples include

  • A review of the opportunities and strategies for successful market development of pears from the US to India and strategies for market entry

  • A review of the evolution and potential future of the Chinese potato production and processing sector and an assessment of the potential threats and opportunities in the Chinese market for fresh and processed potatoes produced in the United States

  • An assessment of the current and future potential for offshore aquaculture in US federal and state waters to supply US marine finfish markets

  • The prospects for developing the Central American and Caribbean aquaculture sectors producing finfish and crustaceans, and the implications for suppliers of key protein aquafeed ingredients

  • A review of the opportunities for feed ingredients that reduce the risk of aflatoxin contamination in dairy cows populating large scale dairy production units in the United States

  • Market research and assessment studies on confectionery markets in Korea, India, and Mexico

  • Consumer and trade research in Japan, Mexico, Egypt, and Nigeria to assess consumer and trade attitudes to various crop breeding approaches and their relevance to food security, food quality, and food safety and their impact on the environment and consumer prices.