Policy and economic analysis

Policy can have a profound impact on the nature and development of markets. Our senior professionals are familiar with the wide range of instruments used by policy makers, and provide perspective into their impact over the short and long term.

Examples of policy and economic analysis projects include

  • An economic analysis of the implications of animal welfare legislation in the United States egg production sector on costs and prices and a comparison with impacts in other countries

  • A review of the economic implications of changes in the legislative arrangements for transportation of commodities supplied to the US food aid program

  • A review of the implications of the imposition of differential export taxes in various grain and oilseed producing countries on world trade and exports from the United States

  • An economic assessment of the extent to which animal agriculture generates jobs and income in each of the 50 states of the United States

  • An economic analysis of the impact of biodiesel and ethanol developments on US and world vegetable oil and grain markets

  • Due diligence activities on a potential loan program in support of the Inter-American Development Bank’s initiatives to support sugar and biofuel industries in Mexico and various countries in Central and South America. 

  • An in-depth strategic analysis of the Food Safety Modernization Act and its potential impact on Japanese food exporters seeking markets in the United States