Commodity monitoring and research

Our professionals have been advising clients on commodity markets under retainer relationships with agribusiness and food companies for over 20 years.  Coverage has included grains, oilseeds, sweeteners, livestock, and dairy products.

We currently monitor and advise on US and international sugar and sweetener, livestock, and grain and oilseed markets for both domestic and foreign food and agricultural organizations.

Examples of our monitoring and research work include

  • The development and annual update of an inventory of market access arrangements for major US commodities in 35 key markets and an assessment of their overall impact on trade (the Grains and Oilseeds Market Access Index)

  • Monthly reports on the Mexican livestock market and industry for a Japanese organization

  • Economic analysis and advice on sugar and sweetener markets and industry developments for various sugar trading and using organizations

  • Monitoring of quarterly imports into the US of sugar-containing products for sugar industry clients

  • In depth monthly grain and oilseed market monitoring and forecasting in the major producing countries for a Japanese client

  • A review of the import regulations relating to foreign matter in soybeans and soybean meal in key global import markets

  • A monthly report on the US and Mexican sugar and sweetener markets for various sugar trading and using organizations