Food and nutrition programs

The US Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) administers over a dozen separate food assistance programs.  Agralytica has been actively involved in food and nutrition program research for two decades, conducting research relating to these programs, including studies of the School Lunch Program, the SNAP/Food Stamp Program, and the Commodity Donation Program.

Most prominent among these projects have been the successful organization of the large-scale School Food Purchase Studies that have involved collecting and analyzing comprehensive purchasing data from hundreds of school districts nationwide.

Some of the projects we have undertaken include

  • An assessment of the volume, value, and cost per unit of all food acquisitions made by public school districts in the United States and an analysis of the relative importance of different food groups and food items

  • A study of food procurement practices by school districts in the United States and an analysis of the impact on food purchasing outcomes

  • A review of the progress in implementing the School Meals Initiative for Healthy Children

  • A survey on the eating habits and attitudes of American children for a corporate client

  • An estimate of the effects of nationwide implementation of the school milk pilot study

  • An evaluation of the effectiveness of the school breakfast pilot project

  • An assessment of the efficiency of the commodity warehousing and distribution system undertaken in one northeastern state 

  • A review of literature identifying the contribution of dairy product consumption to reducing metabolic syndrome diseases and an assessment of the potential economic benefits of an increase in dairy consumption