North America

Agralytica assists clients interested in North American markets for agricultural products, food, drinks, and ingredients.  Our clients include both US and foreign organizations seeking better understanding of the markets and how to prosper in them.

North America: Project examples

Policy and economic analysis

  • An in-depth strategic analysis of the Food Safety Modernization Act and its potential impact on Japanese food exports
  • A review of the economic implications of changes in the legislative arrangements for transportation of commodities supplied to the US food aid program
  • An impact assessment of banning cage egg production in the US
  • An assessment of how food manufacturers adapted to trans-fat labeling requirements
  • Multiple studies on the impact of US sugar policy on industry

Program and strategy evaluation

  • An evaluation of the exporter education components of Food Export’s generic program
  • Evaluations of several food nutrition programs for the USDA Food & Nutrition Service
  • Program and strategy evaluations in Mexico for export associations marketing rice, meat, grains, dairy goods, and many others

Market and trade research

  • An assessment of the US market for processed tropical fruits for a foreign company interested in expanding its presence in the US
  • A comprehensive assessment of US soy protein isolate market
  • A study on US markets for specialty branded meats
  • An examination of the US organics industry and an assessment of opportunities for food manufacturers and farm-input producers (syndicated strategic research)

Risk management and crop insurance

  • Crop insurance evaluations for the Risk Management Agency (RMA); products evaluated included raisins, beans, forage seed, sorghum, and avocados
  • Crop insurance feasibility reports for RMA covering freshwater and saltwater aquaculture
  • Development of a pilot APH program for sesame

Commodity monitoring and research

  • Quarterly assessments of the supply-demand situation and market price outlook for key confectionery ingredients for the National Confectioners Association
  • Mexican livestock market monitoring and monthly reporting, for a Japanese agency
  • Monitoring and market reporting on the US and Canadian grain and oilseed markets for the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF)

Food and nutrition programs

  • Multiple large-scale studies on school food acquisitions, including collection and analysis of comprehensive food purchasing data for hundreds of school districts nationwide for the USDA’s Food & Nutrition Service
  • A review of literature identifying the contribution of dairy product consumption to reducing metabolic syndrome diseases and an assessment of the potential economic benefits of an increase in dairy consumption
  • A survey on the eating habits and attitudes of American children for a corporate client
  • An evaluation of the operations and school lunch costs for Boston Public Schools
  • The curse of abundance: What the crisis in children’s nutrition means for food and beverage companies (syndicated strategic research)

Market development strategies and opportunity identification

  • Swimming with sharks: How mid-sized food and beverage companies can survive and prosper in an era of consolidation and rapid change (syndicated strategic research)
  • An assessment of the longer-term opportunities and potential for satisfactory returns on investment in the Canadian grains and oilseeds sector for a major private company
  • Identification of opportunities and development of strategies for growing Japanese food exports to the US
  • Marketing to low-income US food consumers (syndicated strategic research)
  • Strategies for pursuing rice biotech opportunities in the US food industry
  • Development of a strategic plan to increase Spain’s share of the US olive oil market