Latin America & the Caribbean

Latin America is a growing market with expanding ambitions and needs.  Agralytica has met demand for market research and consulting services in food, beverage, and agribusiness products in Mexico and the countries of Central and South America and the Caribbean. With our office in Mexico City, as well as associates in Brazil and Argentina, we are well positioned to assist organizations interested in investing in, exporting to, or importing from these markets.

Latin America: Project examples

Policy and economic analysis

  • Evaluation of market access and trade policy programs for seeds in South America
  • A study for an international association on the economic implications of liberalizing trade in HFCS
  • Sugar price forecasts associated with alternative supply-demand scenarios for Mexico over the next ten years
  • A study reviewing the impact of differential commodity export taxes in Argentina

Program and strategy evaluation

  • Mexico: program and strategy evaluations for export associations marketing rice, meat, grains, dairy goods, among others
  • Central America: program and strategy evaluations for apple, potato, and dairy export associations
  • Evaluation and strategy outline for a livestock genetics program in Brazil
  • Caribbean program evaluation and strategy outline for expanding US meat exports

Market and trade research

  • Mexico: multiple product market studies covering dairy beverages, cheese, confectionery products, vegetable oil, and more than twenty other product areas
  • Food distribution in Mexico to 2010 (syndicated strategic research)
  • Brazil: product market studies for pet food, dairy products, dry beans, food processing machinery, livestock genetics, and coffee
  • Dairy product market studies in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, and Argentina
  • “Cuba Sí: Opportunities for US food and agriculture” (syndicated strategic research)
  • Food in South America (syndicated strategic research)
  • Consumer and trade research capturing perceptions and attitudes toward biotechnology in Mexico
  • The food market in Brazil (syndicated strategic research)

Risk management and crop insurance

  • An assessment of the usage and potential expansion of hedging instruments in major overseas markets, including Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, and Mexico completed for a major US agricultural products exchange.
  • An assessment of the risks associated with investing in biofuel development in Latin America

Commodity monitoring and research

  • Mexican livestock market monitoring, including monthly reports, for a Japanese agency
  • Monitoring and in-depth monthly reporting on multiple grain and oilseed product markets in Brazil and Argentina for the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF)

Market development strategies and opportunity identification

  • Opportunities and strategies for developing Spanish exports to Mexico in 10 food categories
  • Study assessing the Brazilian market for food processing machinery, including potential entry strategies
  • A Mexican entry strategy brief for a US cheese manufacturer aiming to expand its activities in the country
  • Soybean market development strategies for Latin America and the Caribbean for a US export association