Agricultural and food sector developments throughout Asia offer immense opportunities for agri-food exporters and investors.  Agralytica has worked in Asia for two decades, actively consulting for clients interested in understanding its regional markets.  We have covered China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, and Korea extensively.

In addition to close partners in Beijing and Tokyo, we have associates throughout the region to offer a full package of consulting services.

Asia: Project examples

Policy and economic analysis

  • A study of prospective developments in China’s sugar and sweetener markets following its accession to the WTO, for a major sugar trading company
  • An analysis of the simultaneous buy-sell (SBS) system utilized by the Japanese government, along with strategic recommendations, for a US client

Program and strategy evaluation

  • China: program and strategy evaluations for export associations marketing wool, grass seeds, potato products, and seafood
  • Taiwan: program and strategy evaluations for export associations marketing soy, and meat
  • Japan: program and strategy evaluations for export associations marketing rice, coarse grains, seafood, and dry beans
  • Korea program and strategy evaluations for export associations marketing coarse grains
  • India: market review, promotional program evaluation, and strategy recommendations for expanding US wool exports
  • India: an evaluation of a program driving efficient poultry production in India and the implications for domestic and imported corn and other feed ingredient utilization
  • An evaluation and strategy recommendations regarding a program to develop the market for biomaterials in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan

Market and trade research

  • A detailed review of the Chinese potato products market from farm to consumer, covering production, processing, trade, and distribution
  • Consumer perceptions and trade attitudes toward US seafood in China
  • Consumer and trade research capturing perceptions and attitudes toward biotechnology in Japan
  • The Chinese market for cotton linters and cotton linter pulp: market structure, usage trends, and opportunities for foreign suppliers
  • An assessment of the Chinese market for citrus and pear products for an Australian export development organization
  • India: product market studies for confectionery, pears, raisins
  • The subcontinent in transition: A strategic assessment of food, drink, and agribusiness opportunities in India through 2010 (syndicated strategic research)
  • China, the world’s largest food market (syndicated strategic research)
  • The Australian market for seafood
  • The Korean confectionery market
  • An assessment of the competitiveness of US pears in India, Singapore, Indonesia, the Russian Far East, and Thailand, vis-à-vis China

Risk management and crop insurance

  • An assessment of the usage and potential expansion of hedging instruments in major Asian markets and others, completed for a major US agricultural products exchange

Commodity monitoring and research

  • A review of the world’s markets for malt and malting barley, covering 19 countries in Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean for a US export association
  • Monitoring and in-depth monthly reporting on Australian grain and oilseed product markets for the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF)

Market development strategies and opportunity identification

  • A market entry strategy for a packaged rice producer targeting Japan
  • An assessment of the Japanese markets for coffee, processed tomatoes, and food packaging, along with recommendations for action on new products and venture opportunities, for a large private company
  • A broad study of Asia’s grain and oilseed markets and a determination as to how the US export industries might best counter competitor strategies in the world market
  • Opportunities in Asia for US dry-milled corn producers
  • Opportunities for meat, grain, and oilseed products in Korea, Indonesia, and Vietnam
  • Markets assessment and marketing strategy development for US plums and nectarines in China
  • Creating value with oilseeds in China (syndicated strategic research)
  • Studies identifying market strategies for products in Asia, including functional food and drink products, value-added pork, salmon products, and processed and fresh fruits and vegetables