Africa and the Middle East

As Africa and the Middle East become increasingly important destinations for food and agricultural products, Agralytica has become more involved assisting clients targeting these regions.  To this end, we have an associate in South Africa and work with other regional experts as well.

Africa and the Middle East: Project examples

Policy and economic analysis

  • An analysis of the regulations for usage and trade of genetically modified grains in southern and eastern Africa

Program and strategy evaluation

  • An evaluation of a market development program to promote acceptance of genetically modified grains in South Africa, Kenya and Uganda
  • A promotional program evaluation and strategy recommendations for expanding US dairy exports to Egypt and the Middle East
  • A market review, promotional program evaluation, and strategy recommendations for expanding US poultry exports to Angola, Ghana, and South Africa

Market and trade research

  • Consumer and trade research capturing attitudes toward biotechnology in Egypt and Nigeria
  • An assessment of the Middle East market for processed tropical fruits for a processing company interested in establishing a presence in the region

Commodity monitoring and research

  • The development and annual update of an inventory of market access ratings for major US commodities in 35 key markets, including 11 African and Middle Eastern countries (Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen)