Global capabilities and expertise

In addition to our offices in the Washington DC area and Mexico City, Agralytica maintains active relationships with associates in Japan, China, Brazil, Argentina, India, Southeast Asia, and the EU, as well as project partners in several other key markets.

With our network of local associates, we can promote a unified approach, overcome language and cultural barriers, keep research affordable, and provide clients with solutions based on in-depth market understanding.

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Global Coverage

Global project examples

Policy and economic analysis

  • A study of US agricultural policy changes and WTO commitments
  • An examination of biofuel and agricultural policies in developing countries
  • An economic analysis of the impact of biodiesel and ethanol developments on US and world grain and vegetable oil markets
  • Development of market access indexes for grain and oilseed products in 30+ markets

Program and strategy evaluation

  • A global program evaluation for a seafood marketing association
  • An evaluation of the global market development program, strategies and performance measures for a major US processed foods association
  • An evaluation of the global market development program and development of a market prioritization tool for a poultry marketing association

Market and trade research

  • A review of world markets for malt and malting barley, covering 19 countries in Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, along with development and population of an interactive global barley database, for a US export association
  • An assessment of global red meat and poultry markets and the forces for change on both the supply and demand sides (syndicated strategic research study). 
  • A global market assessment of mango, guava, and passion fruit markets and opportunities for a private fruit processor
  • A review of the import regulations relating to foreign matter in soybeans and soybean meal in 28 international markets

Risk management and crop insurance

  • An assessment of the usage and potential expansion of hedging instruments in major overseas markets, primarily in Latin America and Asia – for a major US agricultural products exchange

Commodity monitoring and research

  • Monitoring and in-depth monthly reporting on grain and oilseed product markets in 10 major producing nations for the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF)
  • Comprehensive monitoring and bi-weekly reporting on agricultural developments in dozens of countries for a Japanese government agency
  • World dairy situation and outlook

Market development strategies and opportunity identification

  • A review of the global opportunities for developing US sales of seed potatoes and the identification of markets justifying promotional investment, for US Potato Board
  • Unleashing opportunities in global petfood (syndicated strategic research)
  • Opportunity identification and market development strategy outline for US dry beans in 10 major overseas markets